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3 Tips For Picking The Right Event Planner

3 tips for picking the right event planner

At the heart of every successful event, whether it be a birthday, corporate dinner, or wedding, is a skilled and experienced event planner. Professional event planners put together and orchestrate events for other people because let's face it-- hosting a party any bigger than just a few people is stressful! These individuals or companies have the training and inherent love of event planning to make it all possible, memorable, and entertaining. What an event planner does can vary from event to event, and even depends on their level of expertise.

Hiring an event planner for your next big party or get-together has its advantages; namely, taking the stress and frustration of planning an event away from you so you can focus on hosting and enjoying the party. They've got the skills and professional experience to help make your event a successful one.

There are a few things you should look for when looking for an event planning expert for your next celebration, things that make them a true pro! Keep reading to learn more:

Legitimate Credentials

An event planner is only as good as their previous events. When searching for an event planner, it's vital to choose one with legitimate credentials. This will give you a better idea of their professional experience as well as the types of events they have planned in the past. For example, if you're looking for help planning a wedding but the event planner you've got your eye on has never planned a wedding before, you'll want to find a different planner with the right kind of experience for your needs.

Upfront About Pricing & Policies

Budget is perhaps one of the most important parts of planning an event. Even small weddings or birthday parties must be planned on a budget. The last thing a client wants is surprise fees or secret policies! A reliable event planner will be upfront about their pricing and policies and communicate with their client about certain actions like might increase prices or fees. It's always better to work with a forthcoming professional rather than with a secretive amateur.


Many people don't think about the importance of compatibility between an event planner and an event host. Communication, shared interest, and dedication to customer service are just a few of the things that make an event planner easy to work with when it comes to planning something as stressful as a celebration, party, or get-together. Having an event planner you're compatible with makes it easier and more fun to reach your event goals.

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